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Springdale Farm

About Us

No matter where we live, we depend on agriculture for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and many of the materials we use every day. At Springdale Farm, visitors learn first-hand in a fun, interactive way how agriculture affects our everyday lives.

See a cow being milked by a laser-guided robot in the dairy barn or walk through the woodlot trails and simply enjoy nature. Depending on the season, enjoy the petting zoo with newborn animals like lambs and goats.

Activities vary throughout the year so that there’s always a new experience to enjoy! Whether you’re planning a school field trip, family outing, Scout activity or a birthday party, Springdale Farm is a place that people of all ages love to visit!

Springdale Farm is a 200-acre public demonstration farm that is owned by Monroe County and operated by Heritage Christian Services, a non-sectarian human services agency that supports children and adults with developmental disabilities. The farm has been in operation since 1830, and today it provides unique demonstrations of modern agriculture. It also serves as a day program site for adults with special needs who help to take care of the animals, maintain the grounds of the farm and welcome more than 40,000 visitors each year.

Operated by Heritage Christian Services

Recognizing the value of education and community involvement for adults with developmental disabilities, Heritage Christian Services assumed the operations of Springdale Farm in 1993. The farm, part of Northampton Park, remains under the ownership of Monroe County and is a model of government/non-profit collaboration.

The farm provides meaningful work opportunities for more than 40 men and women with developmental disabilities to take care of the animals and the grounds, assist with group tours and greet visitors. The farm is open to the public and brings in nearly 40,000 guests annually through families, pre-school groups, school classes and other children’s organizations. The demonstration farm/day program combination is unique in that children can learn about the workings of a farm while seeing people with developmental disabilities engaged in valuable community service. In the past 10 years, farm tours and programs have grown to support educational curriculums as set by New York State standards.

It is through its partnership with Monroe County, foundations and many local supporters that Heritage Christian Services is able to make Springdale Farm open to the public and recognized as an agricultural education center.

Farm History

In 1876, Springdale Farm was purchased by James Adams and owned by his family for nearly a century. James Adams made Springdale primarily a fruit farm. When his son, Myron, took over, the farm remained prosperous until the 1930s when a major ice storm hit, damaging many of the fruit bearing trees. Myron then converted Springdale to a dairy farm and planted several crops including wheat, oats, corn, peas, string beans and potatoes. In 1960, the Adams family sold Springdale to another farmer and shortly afterwards, Springdale Farm was sold to Monroe County.

Community Partners

Springdale Farm is grateful for our community supporters!

  • The Community Foundation
  • Upstate Farms
  • Farm Bureau
  • Hoselton
  • LELY